what is light emitting diode, Light emitting diode.

what is light emitting diode, Light emitting diode.

A Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a two lead


the principle of converting electrical energy
into light energy. LED is a p-n junction
diode that emits light when activated. As
shown in the Figure-1 this diode gives off
n iconductor light sources, which works on
visible light when forward biased. Figure-2
shows the symbol of LiED. The arrows are
shown as pointing away from the diode,
Indicating that light is being emitted by the
device when forward biased.

[1] Working and Construction

LEDs are not made up of silicon or
germanium as simple p-n Junction made up but it is made up of elements like
gallium, phosphorus and arsenic. By varying the quantities of these elements,
it is possible to produce light of different wavelengths with colors that include
red, green, yellow and blue. LEDs emit no light when reverse biased. In fact
operating LEDs in reverse direction will quickly destroy them.


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